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A Spin-Off Company of the "Università di Roma La Sapienza"

The research group, founder of Smart Structures Solutions, has a long experience in providing modeling and design services including numerical simulations, computer aided design, cost analysis of engineering systems with particular attention to structural and mechanical components, namely with reference to smart structures. Concurrent engineering practices also belongs to the professional heritage and expertise of the company.

Design and Silumations

Founder Research Group's Project Portfolio and Clients:

  • Re-entry Vehicle Multiphysics Analysis (CIRA - Italian Centre for Aerospace Research)
  • Active composite structures for space applications (ESA/ESTEC)
  • Active thermal protection systems (ESA/ESTEC)
  • VEGA launcher propellant grain characterization (AVIO)
  • Electro-Active Polimers (ESA/ESTEC)
  • Structural analysis of Zefiro 9, VEGA Launcher third stage (ESA/ESRIN)
  • Alphasat Ka band filter and diplexer (Space Engineering)
  • VSAT stabilized Ku band antenna system for high speed trains (Space Engineering)
  • VEGA launcher skirts delamination analysis (ESA/ESRIN)
  • Thermostructural analysis of flexible joints of VEGA motors nozzle (AVIO).

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